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  1. Steel Garden Planters - Set of 2

    A set of two vintage style garden planters.  Made from ribbed steel, these gorgeous planters are suitable for potting up with trees, shrubs, flowering plants or herbs. 

  2. Post Box - Spruce

    A wall mounted post box made from Spruce wood with a zinc, hinged lid that lifts to enable you to collect the post.  The Spruce wood has been stained for protection but still enables the natural wood grain to be visible.

    Sold without fixings.  We recommend using screws suitable for your exterior wall.

  3. Stone Tapered Cement Plant Pots - Set of 2

    Simple cement plant pots with tapered shaping. Minimalistic and versatile and ideal for contemporary homes.


  4. Spruce Log Store - Wide

    Out of stock

    This Spruce Log Store is a great size and is designed to keep your logs clean and dry. The slatted sides and floor will ensure the air flows through. Perfect for gardens and courtyards.

    The sloping roof will ensure the rain runs off. Great weatherproof log storage.

    Each piece of Spruce is carefully selected and in some cases the natural grain may show through.

  5. Steel Window Box - Small save 30%

    Regular Price: £45.00

    Special Price £31.50

    A traditional, weatherproof zinc planter with a ribbed finish.  Ideal for longer windowsills in need of brightening up.

    Plant liners are recommended to prolong its life.

    Larger size also available.


  6. Galvanised Buckets - Set of 2

    Make a striking display of beautiful foliage using our galvanised planters. With simple ridged detailing and a soft metallic appearance.  Metal handles for ease of moving and transporting.

    Can be used during the winter months for storing logs for any fire. 


  7. Tapered Spruce Planter - Large

    Out of stock

    Create a charming and tranquil space in your garden with the large Spruce Planter. 

    This hardwearing planter comes fully assembled and is perfect outside a front door or under a window.

    Smaller size also available.

  8. Tapered Spruce Planter - Small save 20%

    Regular Price: £145.00

    Special Price £116.00

    Striking as a stand-alone planter or when used as a pair either side of a doorway,  this small Spruce Planter is the perfect choice when looking to update your exterior.

    The Spruce Planter Small works well with small shrubs, plants and trees, the fresh greenery compliments the natural wood beautifully.

    A larger size is also available.


  9. Fibre Clay Troughs - Set of 2  save 15%

    Regular Price: £125.00

    Special Price £106.25

    A set of 2 chunky, fibre clay planters ideal for use on a patio, windowsill or a low garden wall. 

    The fibre clay material used means that the planters are very strong and durable.  They have been tested to withstand temperatures from -20°C to +40°C.

    Finished with fluted sides and a classic border top and bottom.


  10. Fibre Clay  Rounded Planters - Set of 2

    Out of stock

    A set of two generously sized handmade planters with an attractive fluted shape.  Made using fibre clay, an extremely durable and tough material, tested to withstand temperatures from -20°C to +40°C.

    These stylish planters are ideal for using on patios, driveways, by front doors and anywhere in your garden.




  11. Concrete Planters - Set of 3

    A set of three fibre clay and concrete pots.

    Suitable for using indoors or outdoors.

  12. Concrete Planters - Set of 2 save 30%

    Regular Price: £220.00

    Special Price £154.00

    These stunning contemporary pots are made of fibre clay with a cool concrete finish.

    The concrete contrasts beautifully with green foliage. 

    Perfect to use inside your home or in your garden as they are frost proof.  

  13. Concrete Planters Indoor / Outdoor - Set of 3

    A set of three indoor or outdoor concrete planters.  Concrete contrasts beautifully with green foliage and these contemporary pots can be used to display plants on a terrace, balcony or by your front door.

  14. Galvanised Steel Planter - SAVE 30%

    Regular Price: £29.00

    Special Price £20.30

    The Galvanised Steel Planter can be planted up with flowers or herbs or filled with ice to keep drinks cold if you're entertaining in the garden. The 80cm length is ideal to be placed on a windowsill, a low garden wall or end of a table top.

    The trough comes without drainage holes but these can easily be drilled if you wish.


  15. Gauntlet Gloves - Natural

    These hardwearing but supple suede gloves are designed to protect hands when tending the fire. Made from durable leather and in a natural colour.  Also useful for gardeners . 

    Also available in black. 

  16. Galvanised Steel Buckets (Set Of 2)

    A pair of smart Galvanised Steel Planters for your fireside..

    The metal appearance has lovely ridged detailing but the overall look is simple.  Perfect for indoors for storing logs and also suitable as garden planters. 

    These practical and utilitarian buckets are generously sized and come as a set of two, each a different size (see below).

  17. Galvanised Planters - save 40%

    From: £34.80

    We love these striking planters. Their vintage styling combined with the aged appearance makes them the perfect choice of garden planter.   The sturdy recycled handles mean they are easy to move around the garden.  Plant up with flowers, bulbs or herbs. The pots are weatherproof and will sit happily outside or alternatively they can be used indoors.

    Planting tip: for extra drainage drill a few holes in the bottom or add an extra layer of wood chip or gravel. Pots are heavy once they're filled with soil so ideally site the pot in its home before planting up. Metal gets hot in the sun, a little shade in very hot weather will avoid the roots getting too hot.  You can insulate pots by lining with newspaper or coffee filters.


  18. Steel Tap Hose Hanger

    Smart and compact, our Steel Tap Hose Hanger is designed to loop over an outdoor tap providing instant storage for your garden hose.


  19. Garden Hose With Brass Fittings - 30m save 30%

    Regular Price: £68.00

    Special Price £51.00

    An essential for every home, our Garden Hose will help you water the plants, hose down the car and even give the dog a hose down after muddy walks.

    Designed with an adjustable spray gun.

    Also available in a 15m length.

  20. Spruce Trough - save 10%

    Regular Price: £65.00

    Special Price £58.50

    A beautifully crafted spruce trough perfect to use as window boxes and to brighten up patios.

    With drainage holes.

  21. Festoon Lights Extension Kit

    Designed for use with our 20 Bulb Festoon Classic Extendable Lights, the 10 bulb extension kit allows users to extend to a maximum of 50 bulbs in total (that's one set of lights and 3 extension kits). Perfect for larger gardens in need of a fun festival flicker.

    Please note, these lights cannot be used by themselves, they must be used as an addition to the Festoon Classic Extendable Lights.

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