Awesome Accessories For Your Home Office

With a growing number of people able to work from home, home offices are becoming increasingly popular. They’re not strictly for working in either. Your home office can be a place for escaping to read a good book, online grocery shopping, or even holiday planning! What’s important, however, is making sure your home office is a space where you feel motivated, inspired and – above all – happy.

If you dread stepping into the bland, dull surroundings of your home office every day, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite home office accessories, each one guaranteed to transform your working space, lift your mood and enhance your productivity.

1. White pegboard

White Pegboard

First on our list is this functional but fabulous white pegboard. Add reminders, mementos or even pretty decorations to your space with the colourful and quirky wooden pegs. It’s personal, it’s useful, and it’s full of life.

2. Copper display frames

Copper frames

Just because it’s an office, doesn’t mean it has to be clinical. Warm up your space with these gorgeous copper and glass frames. A recycled sari tie gives them a shabby chic look – the perfect way to bring a calming, bohemian vibe to your office.

3. Egg chair

egg chair

Do you find it hard to relax and focus on your work after hours spent hunched over your desk on an uncomfortable wooden chair? Never fear, the hanging egg chair is here to save the day. Crafted from rattan palm, it’s the perfect little escape pod for any home office. And it’s unbelievably comfortable too.

 4. Wire shelf rack

wire shelf rack

Get organised with this pretty wire shelving unit. Simple and beautiful in design, it acts as a handy storage space to keep your office clutter free.

5. Brass Banni bell

Banni bell

Accessorise your work space with this wonderfully vintage Banni bell. Its classic brass design is subtle and reminds us of our school days – and yes, you can use it to call for a much needed coffee too.

6. Giant numbered pegs

Large numbered pegs

Paperwork cluttering your desk? These giant pegs are the perfect solution. Modelled as oversized wooden pegs, they pair beautifully with floral patterns. They can also be fixed to your walls to display your pictures.

7. Jute rug

Jute rug

A versatile jute rug brings much needed warmth, colour and texture to the party. Handwoven with a blue diamond design and available in three sizes, this jute rug is the perfect blend of smart and stylish.

8. Mail basket

Mail basket

Whether it’s folders, important documents or even post and letters – this vintage mail basket provides a place to store whatever you need to in style. The zinc wires are roughly woven to add a touch of vintage charm.

Beautiful interiors

At Grace and Glory Home, we understand the importance of great design. With help from our stylish furniture and home accessories, you’ll be able to put together a home office that you can’t wait to enter each morning. For more inspiration, check out our full range of home office accessories.


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