Choosing new Ironmongery should be an integral part of any interior project and can be a great way to refresh your home.

There are some valuable considerations to think about when choosing ironmongery. At Grace and Glory we endeavour to offer our customers a superior level of customer support so please do call us with any queries. Here are some points to consider for our key product categories.

Door Knobs and Handles

It’s really important to think about functionality and how the door needs to operate. Does it need to be locked? If it does then you will also need to consider escutcheon designs and to factor the cost of these into your budget. If you are buying door furniture for a bathroom door you will need to look at privacy snib designs instead of escutcheons. If it’s for a set of double doors you will need to think about bolts to secure one of the door leaves.

Make sure you check all of the products dimensions to ensure the door handles are going to be a suitable size for the door. The handles are going to be used countless times a day so try to see some samples before you purchase. Samples are chargeable from Grace and Glory but we are more than happy to refund them upon return.

Aesthetics are also important. Our range includes forged steel ironmongery which sits beautifully in a period setting, solid brass for a Victorian setting and polished nickel for a Georgian setting. Polished nickel also looks fantastic in contemporary homes.

Traditionally a mortise knob on rose looks beautiful in a period setting. If you want a more contemporary look think about a lever on backplate.


Most superior quality lever handle sets and mortise knobs are unsprung so they rely on the spring action in the mortise lock/latch to operate. Our door knobs are all unsprung so they rely on the spring in the mortise latch to operate. Small details like this are vital to ensure the door and handles work efficiently.

We can supply any type and size of mortise lock/latch so please give us a call to talk through your requirements.

Front Door Furniture

First impressions really do count when it comes to front doors and it isn’t just the colour thats important. Good quality hardware is integral to the look and can sit proudly on the front door for future generations. Door knobs, knockers and letterplates should all be in keeping with one another and sympathetic to the size and style of the door.

Think about the finish of external hardware as some are more durable than others. Powder coated Black is very durable and requires minimal maintenance. Patine is a beautiful powder coated exterior finish that highlights the texture and colour of the steel. Unlacquered brass is a beautiful finish for front door furniture . The brass will tarnish naturally over time to give an antique finish however with an application of Brasso the brass will maintain it’s finish.

Switches and Sockets

We can offer a comprehensive range of decorative electrical switches and sockets to address the high specification demands associated with the top end of the market. Designed to suit both traditional and contemporary interiors, our accessories combine high quality engineering with high performance inserts to ensure long term durability.

To create an exquisite product that gives lasting beauty and exudes quality, each accessory is manufactured from superior grade materials and hand finished.

Window Furniture

We have a comprehensive range of window furniture to suit both casement and sash windows. The designs and finish of the products have all been selected to complement our door handle designs for completeness.

Casement window stays and fasteners are available in pear drop, reeded and classic monkey tail designs. We also offer the option to have fasteners as lockable or non lockable. The finished available include solid brass, hand forged black waxed and patine.

If you can’t see an item that you require as part of the range please call our dedicated team for advice on availability.

Cabinet Fittings

We love cabinet fittings at Grace and Glory. We have hand picked an extensive range of designs to suit kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wardrobes and any piece of furniture in your home. All of the fittings are incredibly easy to fit and are of the highest quality. Many are available in a range of sizes and we have ensured that our designs and finishes will suit beautifully alongside our door furniture and window furniture.

Sales Guidance and Scheduling

The Grace and Glory team are highly knowledgeable about our products. We will endeavour to provide excellent guidance before you buy and we also appreciate the importance of after sales support. We also offer a full specification service. We can work closely with architects, designer, contractors and with retail customers to provide a detailed schedule of hardware requirements. This can be an invaluable service as we take the hard work out of ensuring your project requirements are met and are fully functional.


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