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When visitors call, your front door furniture tells them a story about the home’s residents. From the finest letter plates, letterboxes and pulls to delicate Butler’s bells and Doctor’s door knockers, our wide variety of choices will let your front door welcome your guests in style. For the best in brass door furniture – as well as nickel and pewter – many of our products are hand-forged locally to meet your exacting specifications.

Finding the Best Front Door Furniture
From first-time visitors to returning guests, being able to showcase your personality from outside your home is a great way to welcome company and loved ones. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by picking front door furniture that stands out due to superior craftsmanship and design.
Here at Grace & Glory, we carry everything from high-quality door knockers, letterplates and letterboxes, house numbers, front door pulls, and doorbells and buzzers. To help you decide which products are best for your home, check out the following information provided by our team of experts:

Uniquely-Crafted Door Knockers
Our selection of beautifully-designed door knockers are available with finishes ranging from vintage to polished, each with a unique appearance to suit any personality. Some of the most popular door knockers available include more intricate finishes and polishes to diversify their appearance.

The Perfect Letterplates and Letterboxes
In the modern day, letterplates and letterboxes are most commonly used for decoration. Although they are not always as functional as they once were, they can give your home a timeless, antique look, which is very desirable. Letterboxes and letterplates, also known as mailboxes, were popularized throughout Europe in the mid to late 19th century, after being used in Paris starting in the late 18th century. They were used to pass along notes and letters when the recipient wasn’t home. Nowadays, they mainly stand as a decoration, but can still come in handy for mail courriers when you aren’t around. They add character to your home and can be used to highlight period doors.

Elegant House Numbers
When it comes to your home and the front door furniture, house numbers are by far the most important. Not only do they help people who are looking for your house, but they’re required by law to be located somewhere on your home. This doesn’t mean you need to settle for those dull, typical numbers; from French-style metal to polished brass and nickel, there are many different styles and looks to choose from. Find a set of numbers that will help attract people’s eye and boost the appearance – and appeal – of your home.

Our Selection of Front Door Pulls
Similar to the door knob, this unique knob will help you open any door with ease. There are many different designs and styles to choose from, which makes them perfect for personalizing or adding an extra flair to a room. Whether you pick a handle, knob, cylinder, or just a simple pull, any of these can add unique touches to your home’s entrance. The range of options includes brass, nickel, and forged iron, so you are guaranteed to find a look that works and that you enjoy.

Charmingly-Designed Doorbells And Buzzers
The modern doorbell was developed from an 1817 invention by William Murdoch. This Scottish inventor installed multiple inventions throughout his Birmingham home in order to test them. In the process, he invented a bell and whistle system that uses compressed air in pipes to create a bell or whistle sound. Nowadays, modern doorbells can come with a diverse range of sounds to suit exactly what you want.
Doorbells can also be purchased in an assortment of styles and materials in order to create a customized appearance. These doorbells can be built using brass, nickel, or many other materials. Depending on your preference, you can pick a style and metal that will match your home and give you the unique look you want.
Your home’s entranceway is often what gives off your home’s first – and most important – impression. Personalizing your doorbell is integral to shaping the way people are welcomed into your home. By picking a buzzer that reflects your personality, you make sure that you complement your home and its style, creating a uniform look and feel. If you use them properly, your doorbells and buzzers can help enhance your entranceway and make a good impression on your guests.
There’s a lot of things in your entranceway that give your guests a first impression. Your entranceway, doorbell, and letterplates all impact the way your home is first perceived. Your front door furniture is no different. It gives your visitors an impression of your home and will allow you to add character and design to your entranceway. Ensuring you get the best quality and appearance in your front door furniture will make sure your home looks and feels beautiful.


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