Lighting Your Home

Getting your indoor lighting right is key to achieving the perfect finish to your home. Lighting the different rooms and areas in your home requires a little thought and planning, so we’ve created this guide to help you make the right decisions.

Indoor lighting needs to be functional, practical and suitable to create the ambience you are looking for. As a general rule, a mixture of light sources at different levels will create a balanced scheme. You will also need to think about specific task lighting for each room, for example reading, cooking and dressing.

Let’s start with the different types of lights available:

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting, also referred to as drop down lighting, hangs from the ceiling from a cord, flex, chain or twine. Single pendant lights work well in all rooms of the house. They also look great over a table, in high porches, vaulted ceilings and little foyers, or in groups along kitchen bars or in corridors in a straight line formation.

Pendant lights come in a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes and can be used to make a statement or to blend with other fixtures in the room. For a vintage, functional feel, dome pendant lighting gives off a good all-round light. Narrow, cone-shaped pendant lights give better directional lighting.

Wall & Clip-On Lighting

As their name suggests, wall lights are mounted on walls either as a permanent fixture or clipped onto a shelf or other anchor point. Wall lighting gives soft all-round lighting and can also be used to highlight areas of a room or a specific object such as artwork.

Wall lights come in a variety of styles, from shaped steel and caged to clear and opaque glass.

Floor and Table Lighting

Floor and table lights are an instant, convenient and effective way to light any room. Adding a soft glow to create a relaxing environment, they are also perfect for task lighting such as reading.

This type of lighting can also make quite a statement; a brightly coloured, over-sized film light or a striking hand-blown glass lamp base can be just the finishing touch to bring a scheme together.

Vintage Bulbs and Candles

The trend for vintage filament bulbs continues, with many shapes and sizes to choose from. Squirrel cage, globe, tube or lantern, these beautifully shaped bulbs showcase a delicate filament which emits a beautiful glow.

Use them in a ceiling fitting or hang as a pendant with a colourful cable, with an industrial cage or stunning glass shade, on their own or grouped together – whatever you choose is sure to make a real feature.

Lighting You Living Room and Dining Room

Lighting your living room or dining room takes a bit of thought and planning. These are places of multiple activity that need to be catered for with the right lighting. Table and floor lamps are great next to chairs and sofas to aid close work such as reading. Wall lights can help create a cosier ambience and can also be used to highlight a painting or object to create a focal point. Dimmers are a good option in both rooms, allowing you to adjust brightness.

Pendant lighting is ideal in a dining room and should be hung directly above the dining room table if possible to provide light and focus. Wall lighting is also a good idea to create a warm, ambient atmosphere, perfect for dinner parties.

Lighting Your Kitchen

When lighting your kitchen, consider where your work surfaces are to ensure that you direct the light to where it is most needed. Fluorescent lights or spotlights are ideal for kitchens as they’re bright and can direct light accordingly, and under-cabinet lights are very useful. Rise and fall lamps work well over a kitchen table, or if space is an issue then track lighting or spotlights are sufficient. Do not use table and floor lights, or lights with flex, as these can prove extremely hazardous in the kitchen.

Lighting Your Hallway and Staircase

Your hallway gives the first impression of your home so think carefully about the statement you want to make. High ceilings are perfect for a dramatic light, such as a chandelier-style pendant, while wall lights work well if space is at a premium. Consider a dimmer to vary the light from welcoming ambient to more functional brighter light. If your hallway light is often on, it’s a good idea to use energy saving bulbs.

Staircases should always be well lit for safety reasons and it’s essential to provide enough light to clearly define the edges of the stairs. High ceilings can suit a bright pendant lamp; alternatively use wall down-lighters in appropriate positions. Dual switches (one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom) are essential. Landings can be relatively small areas, so flush fittings are a good idea, or wall lights if your ceilings are low. A dimmer switch is a good option if you need a low light throughout the night. Due to the heavy usage of lights on landings and staircases, energy saving bulbs may be worth considering.

Lighting Bedrooms

Bedroom lighting should be soft and relaxing but also needs to address specific tasks such as dressing and reading. Multiple sources of light will allow you to cater for all purposes and create a flattering ambience.

A central ceiling light is practical but avoid hanging above your bed as this can be distracting. When choosing table lights for night stands, make sure they can be adjusted for purpose, either by swivelling or moving its arm, and that they are easy to switch on and off. Spotlights in a dressing area will ensure good lighting, and consider other areas where you might need specific lighting, such as over a dressing table or desk.

The Grace & Glory Home lighting range has been carefully selected to suit both classic and contemporary interiors and for all rooms in the home, giving you a beautiful choice of different lighting. Take a look through our products now – Indoor Lighting.

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