Top Tips For Anybody Buying A Hanging Egg Chair

At Grace & Glory, we love hanging egg chairs. Not only do they look great in any setting, they’re incredibly comfortable too. Whether installed inside or outside your home, a hanging egg chair will provide you and your family with a cosy swinging nest to retreat to whenever the mood strikes.

If you’re thinking of investing in a hanging egg chair (trust us, you’ll be glad you did) there are a few things to consider before you buy. From choosing the right style of chair for your home to finding the perfect place to install it, read on for our top hanging egg chair tips.

Choose a style

Undoubtedly the first thing you need to decide when you’re buying a hanging egg chair is which type is best for you. There are two types – free hanging and self-supported. Free hanging egg chairs tend to be the most popular choice because they take up less floor space and make more of a style statement once installed. The chair can simply hang from a ceiling or supportive structure, without eating up a large section of your living space. The only concern here is whether your ceiling is sturdy enough to support the chair. Check before you buy.

Self-supported egg chairs, on the other hand, hang from a frame. In this sense, they’re a bit less practical, especially for smaller spaces, because the supportive frames can be quite bulky. However, they are ideal for larger homes, outside areas and rooms that can’t support the weight of a free hanging egg chair.

Match your scheme

Egg Chair

Our second tip relates to the styling of your egg chair. We prefer to keep things neutral and versatile with a simplistic basket design. It’s then quick and easy to accessorise the chair with cushions and blankets to keep it consistent with your design scheme.

Find the right space

As we’ve mentioned, it’s essential to find somewhere that can support your hanging egg chair. But it’s also important to choose a place to hang it where it feels just right. Ideally, you’ll want the chair to act as a peaceful retreat, and as such you should install it somewhere a bit secluded. Whether it’s a perfectly shaded spot in your garden, or a quiet corner inside the house, plan exactly where you want to install this feature piece before you buy.

Add to your design

Do you want to transform your home this spring 2017? Install a hanging egg chair and get lost in a book, take a long phone call, or have a peaceful snooze as you rock gently in the breeze.

Egg chair 2

If you’re looking to furnish, update or even just accessorise your home, Grace & Glory Home is here to help.  Take a closer look at our homewares collection and start planning your spring home makeover today.

Our team is ready and waiting to help you. If you have any questions about our products, get in touch on 01271 370 095 or send an online enquiry

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