Light Up Your Home Like An Interior Designer

Lighting your home is one of the most important aspects of interior design. The right light can change the look and feel of your space. It can change your mood too – bright light can make you feel alert and awake. Softer lighting can be relaxing and sleep inducing.  A good lighting scheme uses a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting in layers. Each of these elements has a different function.

lighting basics

Ambient lighting is the general lighting scheme, it’s the lighting that enables you to see, to move around your home comfortably and with ease. It provides the overall glow, the base level lighting in the room. Ambient lighting is usually in the form of ceiling and pendant lighting, or floor and table lamps.

Molecular Pendant Light

Molecular Pendant Light by Grace & Glory Home

Our Molecular Pendant Light combines minimalist lines and a simple, Danish design that results in a statement lighting piece. With a brass and metal finish the Molecular is a contemporary alternative to a traditional chandelier. The superb aesthetics of this stunning lamp will provide incredible visual impact.

Hanging Clear Pendant Light by Grace & Glory Home

The Hanging Clear Pendant Light is a beautiful Danish designed light ideal for creating ambient lighting in the home.  Available in two sizes, it’s the perfect choice for layered lighting.

Task lighting is there to help you perform daily tasks and activities like cooking, paperwork and reading. Ideally your task lighting should be from a variety of different sources and the fittings should be adjustable so you can angle the light. Effective task lighting should have miminal glare but be bright enough so as not to cause eye strain. A wall light above the bed, or on a kitchen wall where food is prepared is an example of good task lighting. Another way is to use an adjustable table (or task) lamp. The light should be placed to the side of the task, angled down and focussed on the task. This will reduce glare and shadowing.

Black & Brass Adjustable Wall Light

Black & Brass Adjustable Wall Light by Grace & Glory Home

Black with brass detailing and an adjustable neck so that you can direct the light where it’s most required.  The classic architectural and Nordic design means that style is not compromised.

Nordic White Wall Light

Nordic White Wall Light by Grace & Glory Home

Classic, simple and with clean lines, the Scandinavian Nordic White Wall Light is adjustable so you can direct the light to the task at hand.

Accent Lighting builds on the ambient light in the room. It creates a focal point or highlights a feature like a painting or shelving. It adds another dimension and drama. To be effective, ambient lighting should drawer the eye to the focal point and a general rule of thumb is that the light should be three times as bright as the overall lighting in the room. Picture lights and wall lights can be used and should be angled so that it creates spotlight. LED lighting is best for artwork as these bulbs don’t emit UV and they don’t get hot.

Winston Wall Light Antique Silver

The Winston Wall Light by Grace & Glory Home

 A wall light that bridges the gap between both period and contemporary style homes.  Use our lovely Winston light to bring a valued peice of art to life, a frame wall or a special painting.

Opal Glass & Brass Wall Light

Opal Glass & Brass Wall Light by Grace & Glory Home

Our stunning Opal Glass & Brass Wall Light epitomizes the minimalistic beauty of classic Nordic design. The soft round curves are very easy on the eye and the opal white glass combines with the brushed brass beautifully.  Use to highlight a painting, a cosy corner  or a pretty shelf.

We hope this blog has helped demystify the types of lighting you need to consider when planning your interior lighting scheme.  If you need any help on any of our lighting, whether technical or otherwise, please either give us a call on 01271 370095 or call in and see us and our products!

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