Kitchen Island Lighting

5 Luminous Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas You’ll Love

Is your kitchen the heart of your home? Following long days at work or out adventuring, do your loved ones congregate here to share stories and indulge in delicious sweet treats and delectable bites? If so, you’ll definitely love the warm and inviting atmosphere your kitchen enjoys during the summer months. But what about the dark winter nights just around the corner? How can you keep this wonderful atmosphere alive all year round?

It’s simple! We’ve gathered together 5 of our most loved indoor kitchen island lights, each guaranteed to bring a healthy glow to your home no matter the season.

1. Aluminium Basin Lamp

Basin lamp

There’s nothing quite so tempting as a warm, well-lit kitchen when your belly is rumbling and you’ve been contending with city crowds and commuters. The classic basin design of this light has made it a firm favourite in homes up and down the country for decades. Simple and understated, this lamp design works perfectly with a wide range of design and colour themes. The reflective aluminium surface reflects light beautifully during the day, so you’ll never be left in the dark.

2. Brass Pendant Light

Brass pendant light

Looking for a chic statement light to hang over your kitchen island or dining table? This effortlessly stylish brass pendant light will work perfectly in any modern kitchen. With a generous 3 metres of black cable, it’s perfect for homes with high ceilings. Pair with an extra-large vintage bulb for extra impact.

3. Jam Jar Wall Light

Jam jar light

If traditional kitchen island lights aren’t quite your cup of tea, and you love the character of antique lighting, you will love this quirky jam jar wall light. As a perfect fusion of modern industrial and vintage charm, the Le Parfait jar and antique brass fittings are certain to make this unusual light a talking point in any kitchen.

4. Glass Pendant Light

Glass pendant light

The smooth, clean, sparkling lines of glass pendant lights blend beautifully with virtually all interior design schemes. Whether you are a fan of vibrant vintage patterns and retro designs, or swing towards simple minimalism and neutral shades, this glass pendant light will help to fill your kitchen with bright, inviting light and give your guests and family a warm welcome.

5. Glass Ball Pendant Light

Glass ball pendant light

Are you fed up of cooking in the gloomy light of an uninspiring wall lamp? This incredibly glamourous Danish pendant light will inject a healthy glow into any kitchen. If your dining table is in your kitchen, hang this as a centrepiece and bathe visitors in the beautiful light reflected from the 12 carefully crafted glass balls. This light also comes with a very generous 3 metre of black fabric cable and a stunning silver bulb socket.

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