Wood Door Knobs

We stock a beautiful selection of wood door knobs ranging from Rosewood, Ebony Wood and Ebonised Wood. They are traditional in style, based on authentic 19th century designs.

The finish of our ebonised door knobs is rich and dark with a texture that is fine and smooth to the touch. We recommend occasionally polishing with wax. A special maintenance wax can be applied to our ebonised door knobs that will render them suitable for exterior use. Please ask us if you are interested in this finish.

Rosewood door knobs are a beautiful rich brown-red and the natural elements and graining of the wood is visible. As with the ebonised door knobs, the roseweood can be polished or waxed occationally for protection and to enhance the appearance of the wood. It is possible to fit on external doors if a protective, specialist wax is applied before fitting. We can provide this wax, please ask us if you are interested.

Our ebony wood door knobs are crafted from real ebony wood.  Ebony has always been regarded as one of the most decorative of hardwoods and has a rich dark colour, and polishes to a superb lusterous shine.  To maintain the beautiful appearance of your ebony product we recommend occasionally cleaning with a soft damp cloth with a mild soap (nothing too abbrasiv) then buffing with a clean soft dry cloth.