Beautiful Door Knobs You Can’t Resist

8 Pretty Door Knobs That Your Home Will Love

Sometimes little things can make a big impact. You might not think it, but something as humble as a pretty door handle can add a great deal to a room’s design. Door knobs are so easy to add to your home and they can make a huge improvement to your interior design scheme. If you would like to add beautiful detail to your home with the addition of some pretty door knobs, this list of our favourites should help. 

1. Daha Ceramic Door Knobs

Daha Ceramic Door Knobs

These gorgeous ceramic door handles are handmade with an adorable floral design.

The ceramic knob is complemented by an aged brass backplate. The unique rose pattern is available in red, blue, green or black.

2. Georgian Square Nickel Door Knobs

Georgian Square Rose Door Knobs

The square back plate of this door knob helps to set it apart from the rest. Its intricate design is exquisite and the simple cylindrical handle is modest yet stylish, with nickel plating to complete the look.

3. White Porcelain Door Knobs

White Porcelain Door Knob

Simple and effective. These classically styled porcelain doorknobs are available in black, white and cream. The white style we have selected is perfect as a finishing touch to a modern design scheme. Pair with a white door in a pastel colour scheme for a beautiful end result.

4. Talia Distressed Door Knobs

Talia Distressed Door Knobs

The distressed detailing on this stylish door knob makes it a very special piece. A finely crafted ceramic flower is backed onto classic aged brass. It’s the perfect way to finish off a shabby chic or vintage home design.

5. Beautiful Glass Door Knobs

Glass Door Knobs

A twist of modern and vintage comes in the form of this incredibly attractive door knob. The antique brass rose comes with either a clear or cloudy head. Both are perfect for a touch of elegance in your home.

6. Burcot Swirl Brass Door Knobs

Burcot Swirl Door Knobs

These stunning brass door knobs take inspiration from the Edwardian Period. The beautiful swirl design runs through from the base to a graceful finial at the top. Pair with a dark stained wooden door for a quintessentially Edwardian look.

7. Ebony Bun Door Knobs

Ebony Bun Door Knobs

Contrast is key with these striking cottage style door knobs. The polished nickel backplate contrasts perfectly with the rich dark wooden handle. A true aesthetic delight, which has been authenticated by the Royal Botanic Gardens.  

8. Chatsworth Wooden Door Knobs

Chatsworth Wooden Door Knobs

Texture is essential in design. These wooden door knobs give you just that. The wooden knobs are left natural, allowing you to stain, oil or even polish them. Versatile and beautiful, the simple brass rose plates mean this product can be used to complement a range of stylish interior design schemes.

Pretty door knobs are a great way to accessorize your room’s design scheme. If you would like to look through our entire collection, there are so many wonderful creations to choose from in our full range of door knobs.

If you’re looking to update your interiors with a few stylish touches, take a look at our inspiration gallery. Remember, even the smallest of additions can bring a room to life. 

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