Bring A Bit Of Autumn Into Your Home This Year

Autumn inspirations for your home

The air gets crisp, the leaves turn and soon the leaves will be crunching underfoot. For many, the turn of autumn is their favourite time of the year. Even if the colder temperatures make you shiver more than feel inspired, bringing the season into your home is the perfect choice for your new interior design.

At Grace & Glory, we supply our customers with the very best in home hardware, stylish vintage lighting and other adornments to make your house stand out. With so many accessories available to create the right feel and look for your home, the season is the perfect time for a bit of an interior update. With earth tones galore, by bringing nature inside and capturing its warmth, autumn-inspired design is something to be embraced.

Here’s what we are thinking for ways to bring autumn into your home:

Autumn Design Basics

With just a few simple decorations, you can transform your home into a festival of the season. Autumn is often associated with wooden elements, leaves, hearty fruits and vegetables and the many variations of yellow, brown, green, orange and gold tones. By using these elements, you want to create an inviting warmth to your home, making it the perfect place for guests to enjoy your company on increasingly chilly nights.

There are plenty of easy-to-make decorations using seasonal vegetables, leaves, nuts and candles. If you have a fireplace that can wait until the true cold of winter to be lit, you can place a stunning candelabra into the hearth, and arrange itwith colourful candles – maybe even scented ones with the delicious and fragrant smells of the season. The only limit to your design choices is your imagination.

The international queen of seasonal craft design, Martha Stewart offers a number of fast, easy, but beautiful ways to decorate your home.

Thanksgiving Dealies

Nature Is King

Much of your inspiration will still come from nature. Images, products, and the actual pieces of the countryside are great seasonal choices to add to your design. This time of year, the more delicate blooms of spring are replaced with a more rustic style of nature, often associated with the changing countryside, fells and moors. Using prints of wild flowers, country animals, and the outdoors are all encouraged. Bare branches growing out of delicate porcelain pots and vases can add that subtle autumn feel to any room in the house.

Featured in Country Living, American artist Laura Zindel creates unique ceramics that incorporate nature and natural designs.

fall flowers

Make A Dramatic Statement With Your Interiors

This time of the year is the perfect opportunity to make a bold statement with colour in your home. Autumn-inspired designers have no fear when bringing the deep earth tones in their designs. With emphasis placed on reds, oranges, yellows and browns, experts also look to other bold colours like hot fuchsia pinks, citrus, and warm spicy paprika colours. Don’t forget complimentary shades of muted-down greens and blues to feature in your palette. Use an ebony black to highlight your dramatic look also.

In House Beautiful, their designers almost dare you to bring the powerful colours of the season into your home.

Orange Autumn

Vintage Styles To Impress

In all manners, bringing a vintage feel into your home can help emulate the season. There are major statements like furniture, dressing accessories, art and more. For certain homes, new lighting fixtures in “vintage style” or new door furniture can spruce up a room. For re-creating the feel of autumn, think about adding distressed furniture, wrought iron accents and maybe even vintage baskets. Colour palettes in the vintage style tend to be classic and neutral. Use them with pale greens and blues or lemons.

Details, in showing off what it believes are the keys to home interior design, highlighted the powerful combination of colour and style in designing a vintage-inspired bedroom.

Book shelf

Main Image Credit: David Schiersner (, Martin Cathrae,  julieLuke Andrew Scowen,  Emily Burnett

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