Interior Tips To Upgrade In 2016

Simple Tips To Upgrade Your Interior In 2016

Upgrade interiors 2016

A new year, a new chance to give your humble abode a little update. Before you call in the decorators, discover our simple tips to give your home a facelift without breaking the bank.


There are a number of small ways to keep interiors contemporary, and when utilised together in the same space, the impact can be dramatic. Adding a few new homewares around the place can give the impression that you’ve had a design overhaul.


Perhaps the easiest thing to switch up are handles. Over time, cabinet knobs and pulls and other home fittings can lose their shine and in most cases date an otherwise modern and attractive piece of furniture. Swapping out tired and lacklustre handles is a quick but effective way to breathe life back into your most cherished cupboards and wardrobes. These days there are so many options available, and you’ll easily be able to find something classic, decorative or functional to fit the feel of your décor. Make first impressions count by updating your front door furniture too – because nothing says welcome like a shiny brass knocker to greet guests when they come calling.

decorative door knobs


There are seldom more welcoming sights than a cosy throw draped across a comfy armchair, and when it comes to adding vibrancy, displaying a few colourful throws is just the kind of eye-catching detail that can perk up a room instantly. A good quality throw or blanket will keep you toasty on cold nights and in the summer months can be folded to create an attractive furnishing protector for your sofa or bed. Practical and comforting, throws offer an inexpensive update to your interiors and you’re guaranteed to get plenty of use from them long after 2016.

blanket throw


Outdated light fixtures are a dead giveaway for a room that’s been neglected. Put the love back into your interior efforts by choosing some new lighting for your home for the New Year.

With so many styles and materials to choose from, lighting is a simple way to inject a bit of personality into a room, whether you’re looking for the perfect vintage pendant lighting, a stunning central ceiling piece for the room, or lamps that can help to create a bit of an atmospheric glow in the evenings. Getting the right lighting can change the mood of a space and is sure to brighten up your year in 2016.

wire flower light


For some serious style stimulus, a trip to Alfies Antique Market should prove fruitful. A playful mix of old and new, this vintage marketplace is home to several avant-garde objects that will add an individual touch of sophistication to any home.

Situated in London, this eclectic emporium has become a favourite haunt for the interior designers and amateur home decorators who flock to browse its stalls on Saturdays.

Hannah from Alfies expects to see retro pieces from the 1980s making a return in home décor this year, as well as homewares with a mixed material quality. Other trends for 2016 include one-off ceramic pieces and traditional tableware. She explains how items from another time can fit seamlessly with contemporary staples: 

“Vintage and antique are always great options in terms of sustainability and being environmentally friendly, as well as allowing homeowners to have a unique look that no-one else will have. It allows people to be creative and mix different periods and styles.”

Alfies Antique market

If you’re planning to give your interiors a bit of attention this year, remember a lot can be achieved with just a few choice pieces. For fashionable flair, couple today’s home comforts with unusual pieces from a different era and visit our new in page for all the latest trends and décor ideas. 

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